Discover Milliman SolysTM

Solys is a proprietary predictive modeling platform designed specifically to help Milliman consultants answer our clients’ most complex questions about strategy, customer acquisition, revenue generation and business optimization.

Solys utilizes advanced computer languages, models and software environments, so Milliman consultants can provide the best answers for our clients more quickly and cost effectively.

Solys is an example of Milliman’s innovation in adapting a new tool to existing IT frameworks.

A user-friendly predictive analytics tool

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Based on open source frameworks, Solys allows any consultant to lead an analytics project. It reduces the learning curve in machine learning with a user-friendly interface.

Effortless data management

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Transform and scrub data with a straightforward workflow, and easily enrich data with external information.

Advanced modelling

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Employs the latest predictive techniques, using open-source algorithms including CART, RF, GBM, GLM, and more, with scalability built-in based on Apache Spark.

Rich visualization

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Create custom graphics to represent model outputs to improve communication with others through reports and presentations.

Advanced functionality

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Leverage virtual machines for maximum server utilization and the ability to deploy on any operating system.


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Use Solys on a laptop, run it on a private cluster, or run in a scalable cloud environment.

Benefits of the solution

  • Tackle large jobs

    Power through large-scale jobs using a highly parallelized computing architecture.

  • Gain agility

    Get the flexibility to use built-in tools or bring your own scripts thanks to an API-based approach. Entirely based on open source frameworks, Solys demonstrates Milliman’s skill in using modern technologies such as Spark, Hadoop, R and Python libraries, and linking them to web components.

  • Use advanced approaches

    Deploy machine learning through a user-friendly interface tailored for non-developers.

  • Run anywhere

    Solys is an internal tool for predictive modelling. Connect to Solys using a web browser - no installation required. Its user-friendly interface makes analysis easier and faster.

Key Features

  • No need to worry about data size

    Solys makes deployment of Spark and Hadoop cluster easy. It gives you the ability to capitalize on existing devices and assemble them into a cluster. The features available in Solys are scalable and based on distributed computing.

  • Save time in the data management process

    Solys has user friendly features to generate a quick overview of your data and identify outliers. Get a full description of your data at the click of a button.

  • Use open source models without coding

    Solys integrates open source models from R and Spark. Every model can then be easily fitted, saved or compared.

  • Manage your predictive modelling project from A to Z

    Solys is a collaborative platform. Several users can generate analysis and share results dynamically. The responsive interface, based on Meteor.js ©, makes big data manipulation easier. For expert users, a coding module is available for more advanced functionalities.

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